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1. New ways of working in the digital age

Contents: New labor paradigm due to technological and demographic changes and pandemic. The new rules to attract, develop and retain talent. Create an employer brandon purpose. Hybrid work and leadership of virtual teams.

Recommended for:Kick off/year closing events. Meetings with leaders. Activities HR teams andInnovation. Directories.

2. Organizational culture: the new competitive advantage

Content:What we understand by culture and why it is a competitive advantage. Use culture as an enabler for your strategic business plan. Microsoft success story and its cultural change based on the growth mindset.

Recommended for:  Expanded meetings on transformation challenges. Change management activities with teams. Meetings with leaders. Activities Human Resources and Innovation.

3. The value of personal branding to grow your career


Content:What is personal branding. How to differentiate The importance of networking. How to create a digital personal brand on Linkedin.

Recommended for:Internal development programs. Female Leadership Programs. Diversity and Inclusion Week. innovation events andentrepreneurship. Program with high potentials.

4 Culture of learning and innovation 4.0


Content: Lifelong learning as a means to survive and innovate in companies. Growth mindset. Learning models 70-20-10. Upskilling and reskilling. Best market practices.

Recommended for: Innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Internal development activities. Launch training programs.

5. Talent attraction and employer branding

Content:Keys to attract talent in the digital age. organizational purpose. Development and dissemination of the value proposition to the collaborator (employee value proposition). Best company practices.

Recommended for: External recruitment campaigns. Alignment of HR teams. activities with leaders

6. How to manage multigenerational teams

Content:Demographic changes and the fivegenerations at work. How to avoid ageism. Benefits of intergenerational coexistence. Fosters an inclusive culture at the organizational, team and individual level.

Recommended for:Diversity and inclusion events. Internal development programs. Silver economy programs.


Some virtual conferences

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